A Dreamer, Yes That’s Me

A tiny lone Christmas tree had been standing inside the gloomy HSBC building’s reception area, in front of my apartment since 25th of December. The only Christmas Tree that I have come across this year in Doha. I definitely don’t want to be it , having a sad Christmas, and a 1st January like no new year at all. But that’s what I am, ain’t I ! Ask me how I have spent my 31st December ? Well, I did some shopping. alright Week day that it was, the mall was scarcely crowded. Yeah, sure I had the time of my life !! Huh.

Then of course one can go to one of the many fine dining restaurants here and enjoy their new year special buffet. I didn’t choose to. If there is nothing other than gluttony to feel its a new year eve, if there would be no fireworks, no count down – I would rather have a ‘non-new year’ year.

But a girl can always have her dreams…

Sitting under a maple tree, in some lush green university campus, I will be immersed in the book in my hand. I will be wearing a scarlet saree, and my untied dark hair would cascade down to  touch the grasses. Perhaps you would recognise the girl from your university classroom. Would you give me a shout out then ? Won’t you come and seat beside me !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”