The World’s Worst Real Estate Guide

Slums and Palaces, these are the two broad classification of Doha real estate, in my naive eyes.

Then again, what I called slums are actually small concrete single storied buildings with numerous small rooms, all lined up side by side. I know this because my kitchen window towers over one of such clusters. A light yellow coloured concrete mess of buildings, with loads of rubbish and garbage, a broken air cooler, some broken furnitures, aerials, wires, and what not, all jumbled up on the roof tops. Early morning, when I stand next to this window with my cup of coffee, I can see some people in vests and loins up above the terrace, brushing teeth, or combing hair in front of the broken mirror. At night, I can see through their unlocked doors and paneless windows, these people are lying side by side next to each other, some on a very narrow bedding, and some plainly on the floor. They use each others limbs as pillows.


Doha is a pretty small city. If you take a bird eye view of the whole of Qatar, you will see a vast desert landscape, with sudden green out lined roads. High rise buildings lined up on both sides of these roads, and some decorative green spots carefully placed here and there. The outskirts of Doha is growing rapidly, for the sudden influx of population and commercialisation of this place. The Arabian seashore is getting extended every other day, new parks, gardens and high-end hotels are getting built on that new-found land. The Sea has been tamed and captured inland in Corniche area Continue reading “The World’s Worst Real Estate Guide”