How to Pack Easy for Travel and Manage Time Effectively

Procrastinator ? Not me

Ready, Set, Done

Look what I have just found ! I was supposed to be packing now though, as my flight is in few hours, and I will.  But before jumping into packing, one must also look for some android apps that helps to pack quickly !  So I looked, looked hard for sometime, and only after that I could find these awesome tiny apps ‘Packpoint’ and ‘Packit’. Then I got into comparing which one is better, and to do that I had to explore both the apps carefully. Whew ! Such work !

I also needed to take bath, prepare something to eat before leaving, get decked up and all that. But should I then forget all my new friends in WordPress so selfishly ! Should I get all consumed in packing and in the vacation flavour ? No, not me. I absolutely need to write a review on this apps to let you all know how to use your time effectively. Most effectively, I say. So here I am. Not because what you are thinking, that I am a packing-lazy girl. (I do hate packing as much as I love travelling, but that’s another thing.) Continue reading “How to Pack Easy for Travel and Manage Time Effectively”