How to take a Chill Pill and Share it

I was walking down a long corridor the other day. It was the entrance way to a language learning institute here. Just ahead of me was this tall man in white satin robe. His head was covered in red chequered cloth and a black tussle. I was admiring his regal look as I was walking behind him. Then I came near the glass door that was to be pushed to enter the office of the institute. As this man was right in front of me – he pushed the door open, entered, then turned and slammed it back on my nose. I was standing right there !

We Indians sometimes lack the good manner of a polite smile at strangers in elevator, or holding the door open as we enter if there is another person right behind us. Many of us in India are born in a society and culture where etiquette is not taught, is not naturally prevalent. Doha is a rich country, with extremely polished and cultured people around. Still as an Indian expatriate I am being looked down upon !

Or is that how I think ?! If I could just as much bother to consider the fact that perhaps the gentleman ahead of me probably was simply unmindful, I wouldn’t have been so furious. Even if such a behaviour is ever purposeful, I should be able to understand that it is not me but the other person’s way of thinking.

Taking things personally and get helplessly angry is not a wise thing to do after all. However, most of the time in the heat of the moment we lack the insight to laugh at other’s mistake, and ourselves get miserably mad. Here I would try to give you a simple recipe of taking a chill pill. I do not like the term Anger Management, because it makes anger as important a thing like Business management. We do not need to focus on anger to eliminate anger. We need to focus on being cool, and neutral and in peace about things that we have no control over. Please be with me in this one, as I am not a psychiatrist, and explaining how to tackle anger problem might be a bit complicated.

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