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When I was in high school, a cheesy boy had once asked me why I’m not going steady with anyone yet. I told him, I find it difficult to get attached with someone. Also that I get bored very easily.

Perhaps this is the reason why I never wanted ‘to be’ anything in particular. Although, now it seems to be not such a good idea, since it’s making my job of telling you about me pretty difficult. However, I’m originally from Kolkata, India, (think Mother Teressa, Jhumpa Lahiri! I would hold on to any faintest similarity with these two personalities). I have lived in different parts of my country, made friends with people from various cultural backgrounds. I like to know about lives totally different from my own (and that makes me a novel addict too). In my blog, expect to come across my strong affinity for culture and psychology. Also you might find some occasional fiction and essays on life in general here.

Rather than being anything, I have always wanted ‘to know’ the unknown. I wanted to know the life of an inflight attendant, a journalist, or of those who work 9 to 5 in small cubicles and those who do field work under sun and rain – first hand. I needed to understand what it takes to be a house wife. So, I have been wearing all these shoes at some point or other. Basically, I have been the Jill of many things, and master of…well…erm!

That somewhat makes me a rolling stone though…
But what the heck, I have only one life and so much to know!

I am a dreamer. An idealist on a look out for the perfect world, filled with good intentions, care and tolerance for each other, where everybody is equal and everybody speaks the language of love. I refuse to believe that there would be no wood cutter to come and rescue the lost little lamb in forest. In fact, I hate to acknowledge the very existence of the malicious wolf, to be precise. Why, yes of course I know I am wrong, and it hurts to realise it every time. Why else do you think I write!

Although, I must tell you that of late I have found a small little perfect world of my own. My safe adventure zone! This boy from my high school that I told you about is now my husband for the past two years. A small glitch though. He is taking his revenge on me alright! His job is never letting us settle down anywhere. I turn a house into a home; get attached to it, and the people – then bam! I will be told to leave everything and move to a whole new place, a new country. Adventurous? Yes. Boring ? No. But gives a feeling of rootlessness, don’t you think?  I have gone through this – time and again. So, this time when I came to Qatar, I wanted to leave a mark somewhere. To keep a record, to belong.

If you are someone like me who loves listening stories, I’m sure you would cherish Qatar through my eyes, and the highs and lows of my expat life. However, if someone finds my blog useful before relocating here, or while contemplating about it, that would be an unexpected achievement. Please let me know, I would try my best to help.


107 thoughts on “About

    1. First of all, very sorry about replying so late. Was not in touch with blogging of late.
      Why, this is an excellent comment. Many thanks 🙂 I’m planning on elaborating the ‘boy from high school’ story in my blog this year. Hope you will like it.
      Great to meet you Lynz. 🙂

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  1. As an Indian I’d love to connect with you. I’m new in this blogging; started on Dec 1 and managed 3200+ views till date. I hope you’ll my work. And I’m so impressed by this about page that I’ve already clicked the follow button before writing this comment. 🙂

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