On Making a List and Looking Back at Doha – 1

I have never been a list writer. Not a bucket list, not even new year resolution. I mean, I can’t really make a specific list of anything. It feels as if making a list will make me confined to it, and what if I change my mind later. And that, I do quite often. The things I love or I don’t quite enjoy will get restricted by making a list.
Although I did once try to make a grocery list for a month. But then the whole grocery shopping lost its charm. It turned into a chore, a boring drab errand. Going to the store, taking the list out of pocket and starting to load the cart – where’s the fun in that ! I would rather browse through the racks, read every offer, every label, wonder how better they could have colour coordinated all the items in each rack, and so on. Only then I will start looking at each

'I did make a 'To-Do List.' The first thing I put on it was, 'Make A To-Don't List.''
‘I did make a ‘To-Do List.’ The first thing I put on it was, ‘Make A To-Don’t List.”

product and contemplate whether we have run out of that at home, or if we need it really. It takes a little longer though, yes, and sometimes I end up getting late for dinner, but then well, it’s once a month favorite pass time of mine. What’s the rush !
Anyway, enough diggression. Let me tell you then why I have brought this topic in the first place of How and why of my list making. It’s the second day task of writing 101 challenge that I’m taking, and I really want to do it thorough. For I figured that writing down a list is not something I want to put in my list of things I’ll never do. Bungee jumping I won’t, ever, but that’s different. So here I’m with some lists of mine…hope you will enjoy 🙂
My last year in Doha was tougher than I thought it would be. Yet, I enjoyed some part of it. Here are some random Things that I liked in Doha:

  • I felt quite safe strolling down the road in dark, alone. And that was something very new to me. Qatar can have many vices, but molestation and theft are not in that list.
  • Gold is really cheap there, and they look more golden.
  • No racial fights and no democratic bull shit.
  • The fresh fruit juices are really awesome there. They don’t add sugar or water to it, and you can get juices of any fruit that you know of. A real good way to beat dehydration.
  • Seesha is another wonderful gift of Arabian evenings, although not such a good friend of dehydration. Caution: Some shops use real strong tobacco.
  • Cornish, the sea side and Souq Waqif, the Arabian market place (If you had missed my earlier posts on them, you can read more about these here)
  • The Villagio Mall – An apparently innocent shopping mall, but once you step inside you will be in Venice. Now, when it’s 43 degree Celsius outside, and wind throwing dust in your eyes, getting to feel Venice is something I consider super cool, with special mention to the vanilla sky ceiling of the mall, and the tiny Gondolas.

I wanted to make it a list of 10, but nothing more is coming to mind after this. I guess I will have to balance it out in my next list – Things I hate about Doha. But that will have to be a sequel to it. So find me here tomorrow with my next list, and I’m sure like any good gossip a list full of negativity is going to be more interesting than this one.



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  1. I’m the list queen, which is why working in project management suits me well. I once heard the phrase that what gets counted, gets done. I also find that what gets written gets done. If I don’t have a grocery list, I buy things I don’t need and forget things I do, but like you, I do like to browse and seek out new products. I also like lists because I derive a sense of accomplishment from crossing things off. Feeling constrained bothers me but forgetting things bother me more.

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