Castle News : March – May ’15

I have recently learnt that life imprisonment equals to 25 years of jail in Doha. (Reminded me of Shaw Shank Redemption) And the suspected Philippine spies has got their life saved, apparently, as the sentence has been reduced from the more popular – death penalty, reported by Doha News.

The last few days are always tough. It was, and how ! I have come across Indians to whom Doha is a better living choice any day. To me it was out of this world, to put it mildly ! Whatever, I don’t care. Not any more. I had felt caged, suffocated and stifled. Nonexistent – in Doha. (Imagine you asking the priUntitled10ce of something to the shop owner, and he is replying looking at your husband standing next to you!)

Now, with Arijit gone to join his new job in Manchester, I have this entire month for myself. I have this entire month to bask in those nostalgic summer evenings, the frequent Nor’westers, and the yellow taxis.

I am in Calcutta !

And as it seems I can write again, I can think !

Ah well, ‘yellow taxi’ reminded me something worthwhile to tell you. I’m surprised to find so many white, hatchback, air-conditioned ‘non-refusal’ taxis on road here. Only a year away, and so much has changed ! Specially, everything has become very expensive. Or is it only me !

Although most of the time you had found me complaining about Doha, it sure has earned some good points in my mind, which I would soon share in my upcoming posts. Also, I have earned a handsome knowledge on Doctors and hospitals in Doha, by staying ill at ease, throughout my stay. Arijit has also contributed to this knowledge bank of mine by suffering a critical viral infection just before we were to leave Doha. And there are many other things which now I won’t have to hesitate before sharing, thereby celebrating my freedom of expression. You might also want to look out for my long pending blogger-award mails, if that interests you, this month.

Before moving on to Manchester, I would hence wrap my Doha Days up, and if time permits would give you a glimpse of Calcutta, as I see it, in this upcoming month.

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Ah, it felt so right to write these few lines, even these lame words after such a long time. Hope you are happy and in peace. Take care, and keep blogging. And don’t forget to leave a word or two here…





15 thoughts on “Castle News : March – May ’15

  1. I’ve been wondering where you had got to. It sounds as if you’ve had a tough time.
    You’re moving to England! Unfortunately, I live further away from Manchester than your friend Derrick. I’m tucked away near the tail end of the country, in Devon. (sigh)
    It’s great to have you back.

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        1. Haa haa…Arijit is telling me the same, n taking great pride in introducing me to all sorts of climate ! But you know what, I had loved manchester in January. I think its summer will make me happier 🙂 And I’m gonna come over to Devon to surprise you some day 😀

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