Castle News # February ’15

Ok, alright, shh shh shh…

I know, I know I have been away for a long time – 15 days! Yeah yeah, I’m not a good blogger. Alright, I’m no blogger at all. But please do listen to me, before you judge me, won’t you!

I won’t give excuses like my language school exam, or that Doha climate is keeping me unwell often. I won’t bore you saying how I have splashed cooking oil on my face. How? Great cook I am, and a terrible tennis player, if you know what I mean! Was preparing some hurried breakfast omelette, so you get the picture there.  Don’t worry, those were three dots of minor burn marks, nothing much. And I have found a good dermatologist. So, the marks have faded a great deal. But with all these things going on, it gets difficult to concentrate and write. Afterall content creation is not like cramming before exam, which you can force yourself to do. Content, I can never force myself to create. “It depends on my mood” – Haa Haa!

Although, mostly my mood stays happy enough to talk with you, or to write you everything that’s happening around me, to tell you some story. Unless of course, a year long yearning of staying away from home starts to get the better of me, and I feel really, really home sick. Sometimes the only thing I feel like doing is count the remaining days left to go home, and do nothing else other that waiting. Sometimes I dream, that may be, this is my last few days in Doha, and may be I will get to escape to some pleasant land after all. Is that only a dream, or a truth waiting to unfold – only time can say.

I will not use the Oscar fever even, as another excuse to not blog enough as well, or you’ll get further mad at me, eh! But what great movies 2014 have produced man!

Look closely, and you will know how fast I’m moving my fingers to play Hay Day, here!

What I’m actually going to put as my most justified explanation for publishing only three posts last month is Hay Day. You see, my forefathers have always preferred farming over factory. How can I help- Farming is in my Bludd! I tend my farm animals, catch fish in pond, reap and sow my land, harvest the golden crops, day in and day out. And now my farm has grown to accommodate lot’s of production units, and even a small little town of my own. I sell my farm’s produce to the village and town people, fulfill requisitions by ship and believe it or not, I even dig out diamond and gold from a mine, and make jewellery. You will know what fun I’m talking about if you download the game ‘Hay Day’ in your mobile. And please do people. Get addicted to Hay Day, and be super irregular with writing. Then I will get to give you the condescending look, and may be, just may be ‘Hay Day’ guys will also pay me! (Shh, don’t tell this to Automattic, please.)

Anyways, to wrap things up, many of you had cheered me after reading Odd One. You will be glad to know that I have done really well in the exam, and now people are smiling at me, when they ask me to practice a lesson with them before or after class. Another month to finish the full course, though already I feel like I have achieved something. I have achieved a few friends from Iran to England, Pakistan and Spain.

Last month I had received quite a handful of awards. I had made a post on that, but some more are still pending. You say that you enjoy reading the Q & A, so I shall try and make them more interesting for you next time.

Also, following your kind words on Mount Olympos & Chimera, I have already started drafting a few other travel stories. Hope you will like them as much.

On a serious note, I am really sorry if I have failed to keep anyone’s expectations, as I have been getting some mails via my contact form. Thanks for the encouragement to those who did. No, I have absolutely not stopped blogging, and it felt really great to hear that you wait for my posts.

I’m humbled, and will try harder to keep up.

Keep blogging, and have a happy month ahead 🙂

C ya!


9 thoughts on “Castle News # February ’15

  1. I did not mail you, but I agree with whatever the good ones said. Yours is one of the first other blogs I followed (maybe THE first?) and one of the few I look forward to the most in my Reader or email box. But no pressure. 🙂

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  2. Hiya! I totally agree with you there writing doesn’t come easily to me either. I mean I really need to sit with nothing else distracting my mind. I can never forcemyself to write. And I think I am kindof MIA as well. And hey, I have been away from home for a year now. Same pinch 😀


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