I Await a Protector, a Hero : Expecto Patronum !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Call Me Ishmael.”

“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show” – David Copperfield.

With today’s prompt thus, this is the third spur in a row, compelling me to ponder on a major problem, that I don’t want to know.

Freedom of Expression and Speech – Do we have it, or we don’t  ? Well, I certainly don’t. The most successful of British Journalists that I see around, don’t. Who am I ! (Whoa, that’s another provocative question that I want to get out from my mind.)

Hence, I avoided daily prompt – ‘I got skills’, for the skill I want is to cast Patronus charm on the Voldemorts, you know ! (Where is Harry by the way, with his “Expecto Patronum !” and the magic wand! Have they killed him too !)

I avoided talking about faith entirely, because the little I have left in God, I need it bad. So I preserve Him, deep in my heart. I hope not the Frabjous Day  come so soon, for when He does, He annihilates all. One and all – the evil and the not so evil, to start afresh ! (Those who have known me now, need I say, Alice’s Adventure in wonderland is my favourite story, as well !),

Then came today’s prompt. And the first line of my favourite novel taunted me all the more. I closed my eyes tight from Anne Frank’s Diary on my bookshelf; Dickens seems a bit more kind.  Troubled more now, than when friends in FB called me a stupid cow !

But I know, responding to such prompts will take me to a slippery road.

One who is not easily daunted, who is not scared to speak up, under any given circumstances, and dies while entertaining us, teaching too – is the Hero of his own life and us all…

I have a long haul flight to catch tomorrow, and I’m not a hero

My today’s post is only  to put myself to sleep,

So, I must admit –

Pardon moi, Je ne suis pas…


** It’s past 4 in morning, and I’m still staring at the screen. Would you find me childish, if I hit ‘publish’ ?


15 thoughts on “I Await a Protector, a Hero : Expecto Patronum !

  1. Hi Arundhati. It is always a challenge writing at 4 in the morning. Even more so when there is much to say that is held back by a past of solitude and emotional restraints. I trust your trip frees you all the more to write more from the heart as you have here. Be safe. eLFy

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    1. Thank you elFy. You are sweet 🙂 I only hope that my trip doesn’t freeze my thoughts, snowing as much as it is ! 😀
      I might not be regular in blogging 101 this week. Hope you would share the class notes with me, when I return 😉


  2. I admit, you got me with the “Expecto Patronum” part. But all of what you said rang true. I avoided this actual prompt, because the first line of my favorite book is, “Sally.” But it is an otherwise compelling book, which I read almost every other year.

    Your honesty is humbling for me. I want to read more. And I will.

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