Fake Plastic Trees

As I am grinding my way in the Blogging U course, there are a few unfinished drafts getting piled up on my dashboard. Talking about myself doesn’t come easy. Neither does naming a thing. After coaxing it so hard for last two days, seems like my brain has gone on a holiday !

Here’s Reblogging a cool post about Qatar National Day, which was on December 18th, and some interesting pictures along with. Hope you will enjoy, as much as I did 🙂

Bright Lights, Little City

A week and a world apart: Qatar National Day and Christmas in Doha

I might be sat in Doha, but I’m in same state as millions of parents with young families everywhere: a little over-fed, a little under-slept, having made it through another hectic festive season.

Here in Qatar it’s a full-on week of celebrations, starting with the Qatar National Day (QND) public holiday on the 18th (the day after term finishes).

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  1. I am stuck with my Blogging 101 assignments too. 😦 I am looking forward to reading your posts. Also, I like the new blog title. I need to make an effort to remember it since I have always known you as Doha Days. 🙂

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