Lazy hour, Happy hour !

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Unlike in most part of the world, weekends in Doha consists of Friday, the prayer day, and Saturday; Sunday being the first day of the week. So, ignoring the long-standing habit of my brain and body to laze around on a Sunday, I have to get up at 5 in morning, and prepare breakfast for Arijit, for he leaves for office at 6. Then I thank God for not having any other kid, yet.

On a Friday like this, my eyes automatically opens in the same time, when I know fully well that I could have slept a little bit more. But then there’s nothing much to do today morning. The very tired poor darling is still sleeping next to me, and I don’t want to wake him up. No, not today. A me time beside my roof top swimming pool, writing, is what I love doing most, these days. The 8 o’ clock Doha Sun has become a darling. In fact, the weather has become really pleasant for throughout the day. The little bit of greenery that we have here are not looking as artificial as they used to, two months back; the blazing heat and heat waves have vanished too.

Yesterday I had ventured out of my house at 3 pm, alone and not by car, for the first time, after I have come to Doha. I took a walk around my locality, then went for some shopping. Shopping, yes – has always been one of the best ways to spend the day off, anytime, anywhere. Only the things I buy now have changed from shoes and clothes to bed linen and crockeries. Well, mostly.

Being in 20’s was different, when the phone would ring constantly, and it used to be a tough math to fit in the dates and friends get togethers, seamlessly, into the weekend. Though I was never much of a party person, I have always loved to be around people, chatting and laughing my heart out. At 30, I can feel I have changed. My idea of a perfect day off has changed. I prefer to think more than talk. And the only person I like to think aloud with, is my husband. But I still love crowd, and soft music.

A perfect day off, thus to me, is having the best of both ways. As the perfect man loves to say – ‘Shaken, not stirred’.

Here in Doha, Souq Waqif is the perfect hang out spot that we love to spend the day off, lazing, watching people and soaking in the oriental flavour with a sheesha in hand. While I am yet to go to the Qatara beach here, for my Indian skin is still afraid to get tanned, I totally love hanging out in Souq Waqif, every weekend.

Well, now that Souq Waqif has come in my random thoughts and writings, I realise, to give you a better glimpse of the place, I must get some good pictures and do some background research as well. But I promise, I shall return in no time with a complete article, totally dedicated to this wonderful Arabic market place.


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