The Irony of Life !

  ‘Life is too short to _____’.  Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

Yesterday’s writing prompt inspired me on many levels. But Life is lazy, and even though life has nothing much to do these days, when depression kicks in, life can’t seem to gather her wits and focus on writing a post in time.

Depression, why ? Because Life is too short not to take a walk around the park at dawn, or to ride a bike in evening. Some me time alone with latte and novel in the roadside cafe, or the all out shopping escapade without the husband ! Ah, how I miss my days in India ! Life feels too long and dragging, to live without freedom. 

Doha has some beautifully manicured parks, where the grasses are so green, they look too good to be true. Perhaps its all in my mind. May be that I’m yet to cope with this new country and feeling scared to go out alone. May be I am weak. My complexion is fair, and my sex. Though the way I think is, sometimes the ways of the society regulates your move as strongly as any legal system could have had. I hesitate to venture out of my home alone, because I don’t see any single woman doing the same here. Me and my husband, we love long walks, hand in hand. Even while walking next to him, I can’t help but ponder why many men are looking at my face so weirdly, as if trying to figure something out, put some label on. I feel self-conscious, shy. Depression setting in, and sapping me of the little confidence that the poor wretched India could afford to infuse in me.

Women are not safe after dark in Bihar, Jharkhand. Delhi women are never safe, not even in broad daylight. Then since our new Chief Minister Ladyship has come to power, the rising number of molestation and rape in Kolkata has escalated, putting Delhi and Bihar to shame. We have no respect for our women, no reservations other than in local trains.

Doha days have shortened and temperature has become a lot pleasant these days. A new mall, exclusively for women has opened, I hear. Sometimes I contemplate that may be my shyness to go out in public alone, is entirely my problem. Doha is essentially a very safe place for women. Exclusive and reserved places to go to by luxury chauffeur driven cars, mix with other domestic minded decent ladies, and come back home just in time, to make tea before the husband arrives from office. And about the various men looking weirdly at my face, well, that is not a problem if I  just as much as agrees to cover my face and head. Though no law is binding me to do it, its my own sense of ‘modesty’ that should urge me to cover up my face and protect my honour from the unwanted male glares !

Bro had gifted me a pepper spray last summer, via Amazon, because I used to return home really late from office. I loved to travel alone. I have not brought it here.There will be several street side shops selling kites, during the season, in Kolkata. But me and Bro, we are such Kite obsessed people, Arijit wanted to buy us a really unique one. So Amazon again.  Fun we had surfing Kite, from our apartment terrace, and how !

Amazon shipping is restricted in Doha !

Doha does understand that women need to have some fun. That’s why there are so many 5 and 7 star hotels, with world-class bars and lounges. A subtle skin show occasionally, a glass of wine or two for the classy expats – you can have it all. You can have the best of all the worlds here. Seems I just don’t know how to enjoy life. My depression is my own creation. Imagination of my futile mind.

Afterall, life is too short to waste in such silly thoughts. Live comfortably as you are being given every opportunity to live !


Weekly challenge : Oh, The Irony


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  1. Reblogged this on annettehodgesteadham and commented:
    Life is too short to leave words of love unsaid or words of anger spoken in the heat of the moment. Never miss a chance to give encouraging words. Remember to tell your loved ones every time you talk to them, that you love them. It may be the last thing you ever get to say to them. When my twenty-three year old daughter was murdered, I learned the hard way how important it is to say what’s in your heart. Now every time I talk to my two sons, the last thing I say to them is, I love you. Things that didn’t seem important became very important, things that seemed trivial, became top priority for me. Cherish things that matter most, life is too short.


    1. Oh really sorry to know about your daughter Annette !

      You are right, often busy in searching the ideal, we forget to appreciate the little things in life…with that in mind, I’m trying to stay happy and positive. Thanks 🙂


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