Thus, so far…

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Like Love, there are only a few other things that money cannot buy. Readers ! I do not have any particular dream reader. Having readers is my dream. And you all are fulfilling my dream by having me in your reading list. This is overwhelming !

This is really a big deal for me when I find every other day you are connecting with me, and keeping a tab on what I’m writing. This is big because it is blogosphere, it is world-wide web. Here if you are stopping to read and like any of my single post, should be quite a thing for me. But you are not stopping just at that, but making a commitment of returning again ! A dream come true for me, indeed.

It has been only a while that I have joined WordPress community, and you all are such wonderful people I am getting to know. Reading you is enriching me in more ways than you can think of. Hence, I must thank you in a way that I can do best. Write some more ! Here’s my attempt on ’roundup post’ for whatever little I have covered so far.

My very first post in Doha Days is still my favourite, for in this I spoke about reuniting with my husband after a long gap. My 7 hours journey from India to Doha was filled with such a happy excitement, that I didn’t care any obstacles in my way. I was smiling while emptying my wallet for excess baggage, I was smiling for being ignored by crew on board. I was smiling standing under the Doha sun, for the first time, seeing his face.

My take on Real Estate Guide of Doha, and a Guide to Pack Light, before my vacation trip to Turkey are two posts I would strongly urge you to avoid, if you wish to keep your sanity intact. Okay, you might just as well have a little laugh at my cost reading those, I won’t mind. Just beware of taking me seriously, alright.

On a serious note, you can look at Doha through my eyes in posts like An Oasis.

However, there is much more to this place, like my favourite hangout spots Souq Waqif, Corniche or Pearl Qatar. And I promise to get into writing about them really soon.

Like everybody else here, I too am grateful to The Daily Post for giving innovative writing prompts, like The Truth Serum and My Imaginary FriendKrishna, My Friend is in fact my first ever flash fiction, which unlike all my past attempts I could complete and happy about. Long back in May 2011, I tried a Story in my earlier blog, Diamond and Pebbles but couldn’t finish it. Would you be able to finish that for me ?!

I would look forward to hear your views in the comment section, and would really be glad if you let know if anything you are disliking in my blog or in my writing.

C ya ! 🙂


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