The Who & Why of Me !

 Blogging 101: Introduce yourself. Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

I was in a profession once, preparing for which I had to learn the perfect grooming, correct smiling, right etiquettes, and serving meals of course. This job interview preparation had also compelled that I learn ‘by heart’ to introduce myself, for this was the most common interview question.

Since then I realised that though I love to talk, talk endlessly with friends,or in front of a mirror, the last thing I like doing is talk about who I am. No, not because I am shy. I am rather an ambivert person. I simply think that my actions  and behaviour ought to leave a mark in others, and speak volume about me.  I am here to know, think and talk about the world outside of me.Thats why my ‘about me’ page has been brief so long. (But now on a second thought, let me know if I should include these ramblings in there.)

However, I would definitely love to talk about my blog. It had been a while that I got relocated to Qatar from India. This rugged place is so different from my country !
Life here, as I find it, dwells on two extremities – good and bad, and nothing in between. A place which is an awesome vacation spot, might not be as intriguing; but Doha definitely has a lot to ponder and write about. Every expat here has unique challenges to face, and hence a different story to tell. And each day brings a new story of challenge and success. I needed a new blog to write about it.

I needed a new blog because I had to leave my favourite columnist-job back in India, to accompany my husband here. Homemaking as an expat is a lovely job to do, can get a little difficult at times though. Rest of the time, I am working on my first novel. Oh no, did put it wrong. I should say, I am breaking my head over plotting and sub-plotting my first novel, and its been a month now. I really hope if not by the end of Nanowrimo, at least by the end of this year I get my first draft done.

Heavy lifting, yeah, I know. Very. So I come here every now and then, for a little cardio and stretching, and for lots of fresh air from you all.

As you must have understood by now, I love to make new friends, more than anything else. So, do never hesitate to connect with me.



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