How to Pack Easy for Travel and Manage Time Effectively

Procrastinator ? Not me

Ready, Set, Done

Look what I have just found ! I was supposed to be packing now though, as my flight is in few hours, and I will.  But before jumping into packing, one must also look for some android apps that helps to pack quickly !  So I looked, looked hard for sometime, and only after that I could find these awesome tiny apps ‘Packpoint’ and ‘Packit’. Then I got into comparing which one is better, and to do that I had to explore both the apps carefully. Whew ! Such work !

I also needed to take bath, prepare something to eat before leaving, get decked up and all that. But should I then forget all my new friends in WordPress so selfishly ! Should I get all consumed in packing and in the vacation flavour ? No, not me. I absolutely need to write a review on this apps to let you all know how to use your time effectively. Most effectively, I say. So here I am. Not because what you are thinking, that I am a packing-lazy girl. (I do hate packing as much as I love travelling, but that’s another thing.)

Nevertheless, once you install Packpoint, this lemon green coloured beautiful looking apps will first ask you where are you travelling to, as in Turkey. Then you need to put for how many days you would be touring. I have put from 3rd October to 13th. Yeah yeah, I know, I have no business in calling a ten days trip a ‘vacation’, that too in a big country like Turkey. But what to do, only this much time is what I could afford, and surely gonna cry in the end. I know. People in Doha should declare a month-long vacation for the October-Eid.

Anyways, coming back to where I was, Packpoint will then automatically calculate the weather of your vacation place and come up with possible choices of clothing and accessories, that you might want to pack. My wi-fi is working right now, so I am not sure if this feature will work without an internet connection. The apps now showing that Turkey is gonna remain partly cloudy and temperature will vary from fourteen to twenty-two degrees (cel) in various parts of the country. After this, the process gets really simple. You will have to tap on the activity boxes that you have planned to do in your vacation, from a wide array of choices. Then packpoint will generate a packing list for you, based on your activity choices. I had chosen swimming, fancy dinner, hiking. Was also looking for flying in hot air balloon, but it’s not there in the list. So the packing list came up with swimsuit, coverup, dress, jacket, hiking shoes, sunscreen, and so many other stuffs. Of God, so many stuffs! Then the list of essentials like medicines, hand sanitizer, wallet, house key, blah ! Endless !! Who does so much packing ?

Dearest better half does ! 🙂

I think I should catch some sleep before I leave. Alright, now don’t tell me that I didn’t tell you about it. By the way, I might be a little irregular in blogging, or totally absent from here (not sure how hectic things are gonna be) for the next few days. But as soon as I come back, count on me to upload some good pictures and tell you all the details. Well, almost all the details.

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6 thoughts on “How to Pack Easy for Travel and Manage Time Effectively

  1. I have to have this! Packpoint will make my life so much easier, it will take all the stress out of packing and allow me to actually remain excited for the trip instead of drudgingly getting out my suitcase and second guessing my decision to travel for the sole reason of having to pack. How lazy, I know. After reading your personal review for this app, all I want to do is book a trip and travel somewhere so I have an excuse to use this app. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Doha is one of my favorite cities in the world! I lived there in the 1980s and no matter where I went afterwards, I would often run into people who had also lived in Doha and the reaction was always the same – we all loved it there.

    I hope you holiday is a good one, but I’m sure you’ll be happy to return to Doha.

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