The First Impression

 It has been three months now, that I have relocated to Doha, and I think that qualifies me a little, if not altogether, to share some of my experiences about this purple land. To start with, here’s the first day…

As it was during the Ramadan month that I flew here, I was under the impression that the airline will not serve food. But they did run a meal service after take off, at the break of dawn. No liquor though. It was a 6 hours flight from India, and after some time, I needed some water. No crew were in sight. Having flown as a cabin crew myself, for a brief part of my life, I particularly distaste the sound of the call bell. So I waited for them to take a walk around with water. They did, with trays full of juice and water. But none of them looked at my direction or stopped near my seat to offer me some. Envying my fellow passengers, who were on fast and getting all the attentions of the crew, I felt a lump of inferiority down my throat and chose to suffer my dejection quietly. It must be something to do with my appearance or my dress, or may be because the other two seats next to me were vacant, I thought, that I have been so utterly ignored.

Nevertheless, moving beyond this exceptionally unexpected treatment of this world-famous airline crew, I aborted the craft with a rather happy note. A new land was waiting for me to explore ! And a long distance husband, too.

So I ran through the aerobridge, I ran till the baggage claim and quickly got hold of my toat. Tut-tut, I ran, ran passed the duty-free and rushed outside. This brand new massive airport is very well signed. Hence I didn’t lose my way, for a change. As soon as I came out of the arrival gate, bam, the desert sun, right on my face ! Continue reading “The First Impression”